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Теперь модельный ряд горелок SKY (SmartBurner) от YANTAI SKY MACHINERY CO., LTD. стал шире на еще две позиции. Встречаем!

Модель В-40 и B-03

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Картинка ничем не отличается от остальных моделей, можно предположить что дизайн остался прежним.

Industrial Waste Oil Burner
Power: 24 - 476 (KW)
Heat: 20,400-400,000(KCal/h)

технические характеристики и описание взяты с сайта производителя:

Модель В-03 Модель В-40
- Oil consumption: 2 - 3 (KG/Hour)
- Output heat power: 15-35 (KW)
- Output heat: 15,000-32,000(KCal/h) / 60,000 - 130,000 (Btu/h)
- Distance from fire gun to flange: 173mm
- Fire gun dia. : 90mm
- Compressed Air Pressure: 0.05-0.1MPa
- 220V/50Hz & 110V/60Hz both available;
- Package weight: 30KGS
- Oil consumption: 2 - 40 (KG/Hour)
- Output heat power: 24 - 476 (KW)
- Output heat: 20,400-400,000(KCal/h) / 80,000 - 1600,000 (Btu/h)
- Distance from fire gun to flange: 173mm
- Fire gun dia. : 133mm
- Compressed Air Pressure: 0.05-0.1MPa
- 220V/50Hz/Phase
- Package weight: 30KGS

1. Various fuels are applicable, e.g. used engine oil, used vegetable oil, used crankcase oils, used Glycerin, used Hydraulic oil, used synthetic oils, waste machine shop cutting oil, waste mineral spirits solvent, waste grades #1, #3, #4 heating oils, waste mixed heavy oil etc., as well as regular oils, such as diesel, etc.
2. Automatic ignition, workers-nursing unnecessary.
3. Flame adjustable freely by air-inlet controller easily; from the “Observing Window” operators can easily see changes of the flame.
4. All parts tested thousands of times and improved to be of good quality and reliable.
5. All errors readable from the front panel, thus SKY burner is just “Smart Burner”!
6. Complete fuel burning ensures very low emissions, reducing pollution as much as possible. Environmentally –friendly, Exhausting air complies with the requirements of EURO III;
7. Big oil tank optional, as big as 100L container for holding waste oil, pumping system is held at the top to pump waste oil into burner machine; At the same time hold the burner machine during shipping from damage;
8. There is heating instrument at the bottom of big oil tank to pre-heat fuel before pumping, esp. considerate for using in cold area.
9. Double safety design for PC program.